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Blue Lace Agate


  • Improving my creativity
  • Overcoming Sadness
  • Generate Harmony
  • Accepting Bravery
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  • Improving my Creativity

Best Worn: near navel

The Improving My Creativity Life Transformer™ allows your natural creativity to come through. Are you stuck on a creative project, do you find that you can’t seem to access this part of you? This LT™ enables you to see solutions and projects in a new light.

  • Overcoming Sadness

Best Worn: lower breastbone

The Life Transformer™ Overcoming Sadness can help you regain some joy in your life and let you be open to happiness. Sometimes we become stuck in a state of unhappiness. If you find it difficult to smile, see the good things in life or enjoy the moment wear this Life Transformer™ and it will help you overcome sadness.

  • Generate Harmony

Best Worn: over Solar Plexus

  • Accepting Bravery

Best Worn: Forehead





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Blue Lace Agate

Improving My Creativity, Overcoming Sadness, Generate Harmony, Accepting Bravery


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