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  • Expressing myself
  • Forgiveness
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  • Expressing myself

Best Worn: middle breastbone

This Life Transformer™ may help you express yourself better, convey your thoughts, emotions, and ideas with clarity and purpose. Even more so this Life Transformer™ helps you become aware of your underlying self – nature so you can know what to express! Expression is more than verbal. It also includes how you dress, how you decorate your living space, how you behave and what you do. Let go! Let your inner-self out!

  • Forgiveness

Best Worn: near navel

Forgiveness encourages the letting go of old wounds, allowing you to make peace both with yourself and with those you feel have hurt you in some way. The Life Transformer™ Forgiveness can help you forgive yourself as well as forgive other people.

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Expressing Myself, Forgiveness


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