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SET™ stone! For Correcting Allergies.


Correcting Allergies



Yes, a single gemstone which creates a SET correction just by putting it on the right place on the body while exposed to an allergen! What is being corrected is tested for, of course, and is placed on CV6 as taught in class. The SET stone is placed on the 3rd eye. Wait a bit and the SET correction happens! Test to make sure the correction is complete. That is all there is to it. No other points or procedures are required.
It is preferred that you have taken HK 2 already, as you should know how to do the correction “the old-fashioned way” with reflex points.
Also, you might be able to sell, loan, or rent one to a client so they can use it with their family or themselves. We all have clients who cannot afford to bring in everyone in the family. Wearing one of these during the day through various activities might help with environmental substances which are difficult to identify or gather but are widely scattered in the environment. Walk in the park or woods, work in your garden, work in an environmentally toxic location, recently repainted home, or work location, take your pet to the vet, have medical or dental procedures done, art materials – an endless list of possible exposure to substances to which the body may be sensitive or allergic.
For wearing the stone placed on the third eye an ordinary headband works well. There are hundreds on the market in any range of colors, designs, sizes, and so on. You can also form a bandana to do the job.
If wearing the stone on the third eye seems uncomfortable for you, then you can wear it like a necklace or even put it in your pocket, but with slightly reduced effectiveness – it works but takes longer. This is just like wearing LTs.
Of course, using the SET stone for corrections will most often be done for an allergy issue during a regular HK session. It is truly amazing to use this SET stone. I keep telling myself this can’t be so easy, but the results say otherwise. Also, it is usually faster than holding the reflex points. Remember, too, that an allergy and an intolerance are different things. The SET stone is not designed to increase tolerance (though it might anyway, sometimes).
Remember that the SET has been demonstrated to correct anaphylactic reactions but this has not yet been verified with the SET stone. I have no doubt of this working but it does need to be demonstrated. Let me know of your success.
Just like LTs, frequently wash this stone under cold running water for a minute or so to eliminate collected energies.
Made from clear quartz, with a sterling silver eyelet.


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